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Grooming Update - Jan 22, 2022

Groomed from Rugged Edge out to the tower on Tower Road then back to Watsons Pond Road and onto the railbed. Groomed out to Mt. Moriah and then back to the crossroads. Continue grooming down the south shore until the Benoits Cove/Halfway Point intersection then back to the crossroads. Also groomed the short connector over the hill from railbed to the Benoits Cove trail on way back down the railbed. ( very low snow to fill in washouts so caution advised). Then groomed back to Rugged Edge

Only groomed to Benoits Cove/Halfway Point intersection because we figured it could be icy underneath on the hills going down since the rain.

Groomed from Hughes Brook to 26 to Irishtown , Summerside, Meadows, Gillams and across the Rattler. Cleaning up brush from cutting operations on Gillams and Rattler trails. Also tracked in behind McIvers so far as Rickets Road Not enough snow down behind there to fix the wash outs, but fixed what we could.

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