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Grooming update Feb 13 2024

Tracked from Rugged Edge out to rail bed the up to South Shore trail through the Shortcut and on to Benoits Cove. Hooked up to the other groomer at Rocky Pond and towed it out to Benoits Cove and got it loaded on the truck. Tracked back same way as far as old Farm Road. Tracked in old Farm Road to Ring Road. Turned around and tracked back to Rugged Edge.

Left Hughes Brook around 10pm last night to groom the trail to Summerside and Gillams. Only got as far as the turn off and then turned back because the snow conditions were still soft, balling up pluging the drag so the only choice was to turn around. Caution ⚠️ where groomer turned around, he did what he could to smooth it out but we need colder temps to get back at it.

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