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Grooming Update - Feb 18, 2021

Groomed from Rugged Edge to the Shiver Shack, back to the crossroads and returned to the Shiver Shack. Dropped drag and tracked/bladed Twin Ponds Trail right into Gallants. Went back to Shiver Shack, grabbed drag and groomed back to Rugged Edge. Lots of stumps and rocks on the last km of trail going into Gallants. Really hard going. Also be aware of tree branches hanging out in the Trail on Twin Ponds. Groomed from Hughes Brook up 26 trail though all communities on the North Shore and returned to Hughes Brook. Still some rough spots behind McIvers and going to Cox’s Cove due to low snow levels.

Groomed from Pasadena east to Marble Mountain intersection and back to Pasadena east. CAUTION between Old Jones Road and Line Pond we lost the drag over the side of road thus narrowing the trail. We put up markers and ribbons around the area pictures attached. Please use caution in this area.

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