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Grooming update Feb 8 2023

This grooming update provided for you by Napa Auto Parts-CRJ Automotive LTD

Groomed from Rugged Edge up over Marble to Steady Brook intersection. Returned over Marble and groomed to City Tire then back to Rugged Edge.

Groomed from Hughes Brook to 26rd then in over Ell pond out to Frenchmans pond rd, then out to Coxs Cove. Dropped drag at the mink farm and tracked in Coxs Cove trail to Mcivers then back to drag. Groomed then back to rattler and across to Gilliams then back and onward to Mcivers so far as the farm field. Then returned back through to Hughes brook.

First 2 pics is a snow bridge down by Larkins pond. As you can see water is backing up and probably got the snow bridge wiped out! There isn't much snow left to make another snow bridge! This issue needs to be fixed properly! Besides that once that section of trail between Mcivers and the Cove freezes now after I tracked, it should be good to groom as far as the snow bridge. Won't be able to cross with groomer if there's no snow to build another bridge!!! Been a ongoing issue there for years and nobody wants to fix it! Also there is a bridge that's been damaged between Mcivers and Coxs Cove that isn't getting any better shape. Probably won't be able to cross it next year what so ever!!! These things need to be addressed!!! 🤷

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