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Grooming Update - Jan 11, 2022

Groomed from Rugged Edge out Watson’s Pond Road to railbed and onto the beginning of George’s Lake. Groomed back the railbed to Mt. Moriah and continued to Hilliards Road.  Groomer wouldn’t fit through ATV gate, so diverted down to and across Petries Street until O’Connell then up O’Connell and back onto the railbed. ATV gate is being removed tomorrow. Groomed back to Rugged Edge.

Groomed from Hughes Brook up 26 to Summerside. Continued on to Meadows and then to Gillams to the top of Farm Road. Dropped drag and tracked in behind old school, this section needs a lot of snow to be passable. Groomed back and then down Irishtown trail. Then returned to Hughes Brook.

Tracked in from Carp Creek to Marble Mountain, filled in the trenches in the trail. please use caution some may sink creating holes again. Camel Back is filled in and should be okay.

Railbed is shaping up nicely!!!

Not the traditional groomed trail Lol

26 Trail behind Irishtown

26 Trail behind Irishtown

Behind Old School in Gillams

Behind Summerside, Pirate’s Pond Area

Camel Back shaping up!!

On Steady Brook Bridge

Between Marble and Carp Creek

These have been filled in but may still wash out, please use caution

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