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Grooming Update - Jan 24, 2020

Groomed from Rugged Edge to Camp 38 Warm Up Shelter via the railbed and Gallants. Pulled Stephenville groomer back on trail and assisted in re-installing the track. Groom back to Rugged Edge.

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Grooming Update - March 28, 2021

This update brought to you by Katie’s Konvenience. Groomed from Hughes Brook out frenchman's pond Rd to Cox’s Cove and returned to Hughes Brook then into Hughes Lakes and returned.

Grooming Update - March 23, 2021

This update brought to you by Blow Me Down Trails. Groomed from Rugged Edge out to the map/Lewis Hills and returned to Rugged Edge. Left from Hughes Brook and groomed 10kms to camp 10 road and turned