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Grooming update Jan 26 2024

Groomed from Rugged Rdge Gallants via the railbed. Turned around and groomed back down railbed into Mount Moriah then back to Rugged Edge.

Groomed from Hughes Brook to Frenchmans Pond to where the trail goes across to Mclvers, dropped the drag and tracked in the trail to Gillams and to Mclvers. Then dragged the Mclvers trail, probably should have waited as snow conditions still not the best. Didn't do the Gillams trail with the drag as there are still rocks and low snow but the main trail is really shapping up.

Track roads in from Pasadena East on to Kruger Road to Pynns Brook Road km16 back to North Harbour Ridge down to North Harbour Road back to Pine Ridge and out to wsr stoarge shed, back to Pasadena East. Trails are ok just a few small trees need to be cut.

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