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Grooming Update - Jan 9, 2022

While some trails have held up well, others have not been so lucky. Please use caution on our trails for the next little while. We have wash outs, flooding and low snow conditions in various areas.

Groomed from Rugged Edge out to railbed (attempted to fill in slob/water/bog holes before railbed but not enough snow to work with. All opened up again on return). Then onto Gallants, 6-7 open holes on railbed around George’s lake. Minimal snow to work with so couldn’t fill in properly. Groomed up over hill on Twin Ponds trail until encountered multiple washouts. Dropped the drag and worked on washed out trail for a few kms. Lots of rocks and stumps for first few kms. Picked up drag and groomed to Shiver Shack and returned back down Twin Ponds and onto Rugged Edge.

Groomed from Hughes Brook to Kennedy Lake and onto Sinkhole Warmup Shelter. Turned back and groomed into North Arm hills turn off. Groomed back to Hughes Brook.

Tracked from Pasadena East to model plane air strip in Pynns Brook, and returned to Pasadena East. Use caution on trail some water flowing at Chinatown Road and Nelson Pond. Some of the spots the Corner Brook Groomer had to contend with

North Shore Groomer heading to Sinkhole warmup shelter

Behind Pasadena

Behind Pasadena

Some drifting behind Pasadena

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