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Grooming update March 16 2024

Groomed from Rugged Edge out Watsons Pond to rail bed. Turned and went out to Crossroads then turned up South Shore trail and groomed out to Benoits Cove. Returned to Rugged Edge same way.

Groomed from Hughes Brook to the bottom of Goose Arm just before you get to the bridge, turned around and groomed back out got as far as Old Man's Pond look out. Groomer struck a good leak so from there back to Hughes Brook is not the best job on the trail but it's alot better then it was. Snow conditions are getting bad, lots of bare spots.

Groomed from Pasadena East to Pynns Brook Road then in Glide Lake Road to Horseshoe Pond and returned and groomed to Water Supply Road and returned to Pasadena East. This grooming was done for the Pasadena Veterans Ride. Get out and ride, this trail is perfect and the view is beautiful!

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